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Why portable changing tables?

No easy way to change adult sized loved ones on the go
  • Walking into a bathroom, we might find Koala Kare's baby changing station a relief when changing younger loved ones, but what happens when they're heavier, taller and older.

  • Most public changing stations are not made for use by anyone larger than a baby. 

Large demographic left unnoticed
  • From cerebral palsy, spina bifida and other physical, developmental, behavioral and sensory impaired disabilities, some disabilities requiring caregivers.

  • There are 39 Million Americans with this reality.

Exorbitant industry  costs
  • Special needs changing tables have an up-charge,  unnecessarily costing several hundred to several thousands of dollars.

  • Some families have resorted to buying generic equipment not meant for special needs care.  

"Portable" changing tables aren't portable
  • Most traditional changing tables are great for at home use but lack the "portable" aspect.

  • Ranging from too large, too heavy, awkward and overly complicated construction - traditional changing tables are simply not built to keep up with the mobile lifestyle that some families with special needs have.

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