Prototype Timeline

Here we have a timeline of all our progress. 

This gallery will highlight our achievements as we reach a final product.

Prototype 2.0 (Completed 01/2020)

Prototype 3.0 Features 


•16 inches tall, 26 inches extended 

•22 inches long, 54 inches extended 

•22 inches wide (fixed) 

•Collapsible to a 6-inch, 22-inch, 16-inch carry on which can come with its own shoulder bag or wheelchair attachment 

Heavy Duty

•About 20 pounds in total weight 

•300-350lb weight capacity 


•1-inch think foam bedding for user comfort 

•Wipeable vinyl bottom piece (for any spills or accidents that may occur

Prototype 1.0 (Completed 06/2019)

- Adjustable Height

- Shorter Base Length 

- More Lightweight

- Holds up to 300 lbs

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