Prototype Timeline

Here we have a timeline of all our progress. 

This gallery will highlight our achievements as we reach a final product.

Prototype 3.0 (Completed 01/2020)

Prototype 2.0 Features 


  • 20 in. tall (open)

  • 54 in. length (open)

  • 22 in. wide (open) 

  • Wheelchair attachment hooks 

  • Shoulder sling and handle

Heavy Duty

  • 15 pounds in total weight 

  • 300lb weight capacity 


  • Think and lightweight bedding for user comfort 

  • Heavy duty high-quality polyester that's water-repellent and easy to wipe clean

Prototype 2.0 (Completed 01/2020)

Prototype 2.0 Features 


  • 16 inches tall, 26 inches extended 

  • 22 inches long, 54 inches extended 

  • 22 inches wide (fixed) 

  • Collapsible to a 6-inch, 22-inch, 16-inch carry on which can come with its own shoulder bag or wheelchair attachment 

Heavy Duty

  • 20 pounds in total weight 

  • 300-350lb weight capacity 


  • 1-inch think foam bedding for user comfort 

  • Wipeable vinyl bottom piece (for any spills or accidents that may occur

Prototype 1.0 (Completed 06/2019)

- Adjustable Height

- Shorter Base Length 

- More Lightweight

- Holds up to 300 lbs

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Design Thinking P.1

To begin our 3rd ReadyRover prototyping session, we decided to go back to the drawing board and start with the main issues from our prototype 1.0. Some of the main concerns we addressed with our prototype 2.0: The table being wipeable, compact enough to fit in handicap stalls, lightweight enough to carry around and being comfortable for the changing table user and caregiver.